Artful Living

Pure Privacy to Live in

We Believe Your Privacy Is Of Utmost Importance And Should Be Well Taken Care Of. That's Why The Design Philosophy At ARTIERRE Is Quite Distinct From Residential Complexes In General. Apart From Being Unique And Aesthetic, The Beautifully Designed Squares Opening On Its Facade Will Provide Complete Privacy And Ensure A Freedom Of Family Activities At Home.

Blending With Nature

ARTIERRE starts with the vision to really connect people with nature. Through its carefully executed design, the elements of nature such as fresh air, trees, vegetation and direct sunlight become the essential elements that go into the everyday living of the residents.

Through its design, ARTIERRE revives your new senses of true living. An artfully considered spaces that provides tranquility and serenity to bring new senses to the daily life rhythms. With a perfect balance between beauty and functionality, ARTIERRE is exploring a different interpretation of luxurious living without sacrificing comfort.


A Luxurious Boutique Residence in a Private Enclave